PR Activities 20 years of experience. PR to 47,000 named Magazine Editors

We have been offering PR services, mainly for Business to Business enterprises for over 20 years, but we have not promoted it much because we get most of our business by word of mouth.


Now with a PR database of 47,000 trade editors and those for other media we are putting the services on this site.


We execute a Press Release for your products to your chosen sector.


WE can do this for the uK only, Europe and America. In Europe, we translate the pages to the native language and get it checked by a native speaker.


It consists of a letter the the individual editors explaining why they should publish the PR in their magazine and why their readership will love it.


We write individual PR for each sector so that it has maximum impact in the chosen magazine. We also use the style and format favoured by the magazine.


Then we add a decent photograph of the product or service, both in the PR, for impact and as an attachment for use by the editor should they choose to publish it.


Finally, we include SEO PR as part of the release. This boosts the organic ratings of the client's website with Google, producing further enquiries.


A single release will usually produce between 10-30 enquiries of considerable quality. Better the results for much more expensive advertising, which has its place, but only after a few months of successful PR.


Magazines charge inclusion fees varying from £ Zero when they are desperate for good content to £250, but we can usually negotiate a lower figure than this.


In the UK we can address perhaps 300 magazines for you (It can be more) across 6 sectors in a single press release. The SEO boost happens regardless of publication, so it is a win-win.


We charge about £300 to £1000 for a single campaign, depending on the work involved, to as many magazines as we identify.


Our best results have exceeded 700 leads from a single campaign, but that is unusual. Expect about 120 and you should not be disappointed.


Give us a call and we can discuss it and send to you the list of possible journals and magazines or even Newspapers and commercial websites.