Our Story and Others from the World of Optimisation

Our Story
The Simutron was an analogue optimisation comparator or computer, shown in the picture above. These transistor driven monsters were used to optimise a company’s operations for profits and to reduce costs in operations like blending and smelting.
Two of them, costing £187.000 saved English China Clays from extinction in 1974 and solved a labour dispute at the same time. ECC posted to The Stock Exchange, “The Investment of £187,000 in two Simutron Machines paid for itself in 6 weeks and continues to do so” That’s more than £ 1.8 million a month in today’s money.
What I loved about the Simutrons was that they had analogues controls. You inputted figures via knobs and read out the results on meters. The hands on aspect made incredibly difficult maths and OR modelling incredibly easy. Hands on, means management involvement and lots of fiddling. This leads to a company having access to a model with which they can experiment, in the privacy of the CEO’s office or in the lab, or the boardroom.
iSimutron is born out of the Simutron. I wanted to bring Optimisation for Profit and Cost Minimisation, of costs like blending, for instance, in an affordable way to the Mid Market and SME sector. I also wanted to run the algorithms on a modern digital PC, in the cloud, but to front it with analogue controls and analogue readouts.
This makes digital optimisation hands on in a way that it has not been for 40 years, back when it was not digital, but analogue.
83% of your trade, commerce and spending, both personal and corporate flows through the algorithms we use. Their deployment is however restricted to the FTSE and the top 700 companies in the UK. THis is not a conspiracy - the reason is one of cost and complexity.
The vendors to the the FTSE 100 do not want to supply 2000 additional customers to replace the likes of one Tesco, because they would have to employ another 400 support staff. That isn’t going to happen, so the Mid Market has no access to Simplex Optimisation.
My offering goal is to have a supported web interface where SME’s can model their company and with our help, optimise it for profit, minimize their costs and even minimize their carbon footprint without wiping out their profits.